Quantitative Research

• Geographic coverage all over Greece , cost-time effectiveness

•Constant education and evaluation of the researchers

•Constant communications with the client during fieldwork time
1. Sampling
•Representative Samples
•Professionals’ lists
•Point of sales

2. Fieldwork
•Door to door (CAPI, PAPI)
•Telephone (CATI, PATI)
•Hall test
•Business to business
•Mystery Shopping
•E-based research

3. EDP (Electronic Data Processing)
•Data Entry
•Electronic Validation
•Cross tabulations
•Questionnaires in electronic format
•Data formatting
•Weighting schemes

Read more: file:///C:/Users/stratos/Desktop/My%20Daily%20Backup/abacus/abacus/www.abacus-research.gr/services/service-1/index.html

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